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-- Discussion Of Chapter 3

"Too overdone", was Robert's criticism. "Silly also all that bit about us and the Tower. How could we get the Hood to go without steam and stokers? I say that a story must be true to life."
"I always think it's true when Neill is telling it", said the less critical Evelyn.
"I agree with Robert", said Michael. "How could we take the wax figures from Tussaud's to the Tower when the streets were blocked with cars and people?"
"Underground, change at Charing Cross", said I.
"No trains running", crowed Michael.
I paused to consider this.
"You walked underground along the rails with torches."
"No", said Michael with decision; "no, the trains would all have smashed and blocked the line when the cloud came."
I smiled knowingly.
"That", said I, "only goes to show how little you know of science. The cloud was not much heavier than air, so that it sank into the underground shafts rather gradually, giving the drivers time to feel queer and draw up at the stations."
"You can't trip up old Neill", said Bunny. "But I didn't care much for the bit about being in London. I want to fight lions and tigers, and it is silly to fight with you and Pyecraft when there are so few of us left alive."
Betty pulled my sleeve.
"Look here, Neill, when you tell a story tell it properly. You said that when I burned the White Horse you never forgave me and that you had your revenge later."
"Revenge", I said, "sometimes waits a long time, Betty. Beware!"

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Discussion of chapter 3 of 'The Last Man Alive' by A. S. Neill. This page is copyrighted.